What is a wrap?

  • A wrap is an adhesive-based sheet that can be applied to almost any surface.

How long will it last?

  • In general, a certified wrap using quality material will last at least 3-5 years.

Why use Art City?

  • Art City’s installations are backed with training and testing that typical design, marketing, web-site and graphic agencies don't have.  We use 3M Preferred Graphics Installers, 3M Endorsed Architectural Graphics Installers and Avery Certified Wrap Installers. Our certifications illustrate commitment to quality craftsmanship and an expertise in the design, manufacturing and installation of wraps that paper contractors can't offer.  Certified installers represent the top 10% of the industry.

How long does it take to install?

  • Each project is unique, and more detailed installations take time. When working with us, make sure to communicate any details you would like addressed or any time constraints you may have.

Can wraps be removed?

  • Vehicle wraps are designed to be removed easily to reveal the vehicle’s original protected paintwork. 

Why should I get a vehicle wrap?

  • Wraps are a quicker and cheaper way to customize a vehicle, and they increase resale value of vehicles while protecting the original paint. Because they are non-permanent, the vehicle can be returned to factory OEM paint at any time. Vehicle wraps are also an efficient form of marketing and advertising.

What should I do if a wrap starts peeling or lifting?

  • If you see part of your wrap lifting or peeling back, contact us immediately so the problem can be fixed. If these issues are left unattended, our warranty will be void and repairs will be billed as a new project.

Is there a warranty on my wrap?

  • All vehicle and architectural wraps are under specific warranty. Feel free to ask us for more details or specifics.