Art City Wraps = Creative Design + Quality Printing + Trained Installation


As wrap professionals, we take pride in our work and are committed to providing our clients the best.  This is why we use high quality printers, ink and material; and why we feel it is important to gain extensive industry specific knowledge, training and cooperation using both Avery & 3M products.

This dedication and commitment sets us apart, together, with the rest of the authentic designers, printers and union of installers, as the leaders of the Wrap industry.



Vehicle wraps are the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising.  Mobile flexibility allows your brand to be positioned anywhere you want.   



We are accredited through Avery Dennison Corporation and 3M Manufacturing Company. Our installs are performed by a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, 3M Endorsed Architectural Graphics Installer, and an Avery Certified Wrap Installer.