Vehicle wraps are adhesive-based sheets that are applied to vehicle exteriors.

Wrapped products are designed and printed to reflect branding and marketing messages. They are then applied to the vehicles.

Each project is unique, Art City Wraps has experience with a diverse variety of vehicles, including semi-trailers, trucks, vans, snowmobiles, fire trucks, Mini Coopers, Lamborghinis, and all types of common cars.

Wraps can be removed and cause no damage to original factory paint.  They increase resale value, protect the surface and are a quicker and cheaper form of customization.



Art City has experience producing a wide range of wrap products including; view through window prints, textured wood veneers like Di-Noc, bar tops, wall murals, frosted windows and more.  These can be applied to store fronts, walls, windows, floors, ceilings, signs, pillars, fences, building exteriors, and more.

Wraps like these are an effective and less expensive way to market, as well as decorate an environment or location.

  • Architectural wraps are durable, cost-efficient, and low maintenance.

  • They can turn an area into a stunning and inviting space or make a simple object into a dynamic and functional component.

  • Art City Wraps can utilize wrapping technology to enhance any business in a way that suits it best.




Art City is on point!  I feel like they really listen to what I wanted and took it to the next level.  They wrapped our truck and exterior of our business.  Images are crisp and the wrap job is phenomenal.  They can wrap just about everything short of water but I’m sure they are already trying to figure out how to do that too.  Highly recommend them if you truly care about your image. 

-Jon Doemel

ZaRonis, A Macaroni and Pizza Pub

I enjoy working with Art City, because they take the guesswork out of the job for me. I send them an idea and they make it look amazing! I've had two wraps done and tons of other projects, I am already dreaming of what they can do for my next wrap!  

-Chanda anderson, caramel crisp & cafe